Orange sticks for nails. What are their features?

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The Niall industry contains so many different tools, means, accessories that sometimes you don't remember all the nuances. And among all this there is a tiny and ancient «device» like orange sticks. At first glance, they seem so insignificant, and what to do with them. But in fact, just not all girls are familiar with their functions and do not pay special attention to this. Why you need an orange stick and how to use it? Read below.


An orange stick is a thin stick made of orange wood with a pointed nose at one end and a flat and beveled end at the other. Its use is a guarantee of a neat and gentle manicure.

Why was she chosen for the manufacture of manicure tools?

- This material is strong and dense enough not to break and exfoliate during manipulation with nails.

- At the same time, it is quite soft - which means that the nails will not be injured if you use such sticks with the necessary degree of care.


The most important thing that fashionistas need to remember about the orange stick is that it is a disposable tool, it absorbs moisture very well, but it is difficult to disinfect. It is impossible to sterilize and disinfect it !!

So what functions does the «magic wand» have?

1.To clean nails. The sharpened edge of the stick can easily and quickly remove all dirt from under the free edge of the nail.

2.Working with cuticles. The orange stick is especially relevant when performing European manicure. In this case, you do not cut the softened skin, but only push it back with the wide end of the tool. If you use a traditional metal pusher for this, you damage the surface of the nail plate, as well as violate the integrity of the cuticle - after a couple of days it will turn into terry rags. A soft wooden stick allows you to remove excess skin gently and gently.

3.To remove cuticles. They easily deal with cuticle removal. Just after softening with a special tool, gently pry off the keratinized cuticle cells with a pointed edge and separate these tissues from the main cuticle layer. It is important here that the cuticle is well softened, then it will not be difficult to remove excess cells with an orange stick.

4.Creation of an original manicure. When using some decorative elements, an orange stick will also come to your rescue. For example, transfer small and medium rhinestones to the nail with a conveniently moistened sharp tip of a stick. It is also used to create patterns, appliques, smoothing stickers, gluing sparkles, and correcting unsuccessful decor.

5.Extension of nails. With an orange stick, the masters remove the softened acrylic, form a plate of biogel, stick the tips. In building up, they are used both for sticking tips and laying out forms from biogel and acrylic, and in the procedure for removing artificial nails. When the acrylic has softened, it can be easily removed with this manicure tool.

6.To remove gel polish. The orange stick is convenient to use to remove the remaining gel polish after soaking it with a special product. It is enough to pry off the slightly peeled gel polish with the flat end of the stick in order to easily remove it further without harm and marks on the nail plate that metal tools can leave.

7.In nail design. It can also be used for painting nails with varnish, for example, using the wet technique or instead of dots for dotting.

8.For decorating nails. To apply small objects to the nail and make a manicure with decorations - sparkles, rhinestones, appliques, orange sticks are an indispensable thing here.

Did you know? The french were the first to come up with the idea of using this unpretentious object in manicure - they are real pros in terms of female beauty.

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Surprisingly! Such a small tool, and does so much. We hope that now they will always serve you.

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