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Dear residents of Chisinau, from the bottom of our hearts we congratulate you on the City Day! Living in a beautiful city is cool and interesting!

The Global Fashion company could not pass by and therefore, in honor of this holiday, prepared a DISCOUNT!

DISCOUNT - 14% valid for 1 DAY only! And only on OCTOBER 14!

We want to give you joy and pleasant little things!

* The discount is valid only for Global Fashion products, when ordering online from the website, social networks @ and directly when purchasing from stores:
- st. Metropolitan Varlaam 63, building Piața Nouă (on the territory of the central market, opposite the bus station).
- Boulevard Mircea cel Batrin 6, near the Fidesco supermarket.
** This discount does not apply to discounted goods. 
Published: 13.10.2021 09:44 Times Read: 101