Everyday manicure: simplicity and originality in one «bottle»

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Every girl always strive for a beautiful manicure. At the current time, there is a large number of design ideas for manicure. You can conjure anything on your nails, the main thing is that it is tasteful. One of the demanded manicures is the everyday manicure. This manicure has its own simplicity, but at the same time it looks original. In this article, we will understand what an everyday manicure is and what design ideas can be fantasized on nails.


Everyday manicure is a universal solution that will be combined with all outfits, from classics to bright evening looks. The main feature of such a manicure is that it should be as simple and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Everyday manicure does not mean only monochromatic nude tones, you can improvise different things, the main thing is not to forget that laconicism is the main attribute of this manicure.

Now let's put the contents of everyday manicure on the shelves.


The main shades of everyday manicure are neutral tones: beige, peach, different shades of pink, white, black, gray. These shades can be combined with any dress code and are not striking, but at the same time, they are quite attractive.

Pale pink manicure

Peach manicure

Gray manicure

White manicure

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These shades can also be combined with each other, but no more than two or three tones. And the manicure can be supplemented with light patterns. But in this case, do not forget about the main rules: drawings should not be bright and there should not be many of them. In other words, the choice should adhere to brevity and maximum simplicity.

Pastel manicure


Bright rhinestones, sparkling stones and other elements - NO! You yourself understand that it will be superfluous, just your everyday manicure will turn into a party manicure. The limitation should be simplicity. Try to decorate your nails in a way that suits your daily chores.

Delicate manicure


French manicure

There is a chance that this manicure will never lose its popularity. Well, the truth is, for several years now it is still in demand. French manicure is great for study or office. Even if you are not in this category, it will still fit any locale. The main thing is that bright colors are not present, because there are a million variations of French manicure. But if we talk about the everyday version, then the classic jacket is perfect, or variations with neutral shades.

French manicure


Quite an interesting manicure design. Its main «highlight» is that there is a smooth transition from one color to another. It looks very stylish, unique and delicate.

Ombre manicure

Ombre manicure

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After all, everyday manicure is not necessarily nails of one neutral tone and that's it. Not at all, simple patterns can be added to the nails that will not be conspicuous and cause a disruptive reaction. The main thing is not to overdo it, adhere to conciseness, accuracy and refuse bright colors. A simple pattern includes: dandelions, chamomile, stripes, white petal, white branch, hearts, etc.

Manicure pale pink with stripes

Gray manicure

Chamomile manicure


Natural manicure with stripes

Pink manicure with a cat

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