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There was «absolutely nothing» left in the calendar until the magical holiday - New Year. Surely, you are already haunted by the smell of tangerines, and decorated shop windows create an atmosphere of pre-holiday mood. And of course, at such moments, I especially want to work miracles and delight family and friends. And we have an idea how to translate these miracles into reality. Intrigued? Then «catch»!

Double miracle from Global Fashion!

From 15 to 31 DECEMBER 2021, there will be a «DISCOUNT - 20%» and «GIFT FOR PURCHASE»!

This means that now there is an opportunity not only to purchase your favorite product at a discount, but also to receive a guaranteed gift for this. Great! Is not it?

Well rushed ?! Let's work miracles together and give joy to our loved ones!

* The discount is valid for any product, when ordering online from the website www.globalfashion.md, social networks @ globalfashion.md and direct purchases from stores:
- st. Metropolitan Varlaam 63, building Piața Nouă (on the territory of the central market, opposite the bus station).
- Boulevard Mircea cel Batrin 6, near the Fidesco supermarket.
** This discount does not apply to discounted goods and to Staleks, Italwax, SimpleUse products. 
Published: 13.12.2021 12:07 Times Read: 498